WLR & Carrier Pre Select Overview


The WLR & CPS service is not just an easy service to market, but it is also an easy service to provision and customise through our online Secure Portal.

Enhanced Features

Plustel enhanced features are standard with our WLR & CPS offering such as call-recording, call-barring, and much more besides.

Highly Configurable

We give you the flexibility to define parameters for each individual customer, or to set global parameters, which makes setup a very simple process.

Online Management

Why waste time contacting us to administer your services, when you can manage all aspects of our services yourself 24/7?

Fraud Alerts

It's a fact of life that where there's a way, a fraudster will exploit it. We include as part of our service fraud alerts that are triggered when a customisable event happens.

Competitive Pricing

We have adopted a very simple approach to pricing. As long as you are using our services, then our value added features such as Call Recording, Fraud Alerts etc are totally FREE of CHARGE. Now thats simple!

WLR & CPS Benefits

In a competitive marketplace, it's important to offer your customers Innovative new products. Plustel have developed a platform that can add a range of Value added services to traditional analogue and ISDN lines. With Carrier Pre-Selection you can now offer your voice customers an alternative way to route telephone calls. It's a fully managed solution that enables them to route call traffic across our network even if the WLR is not with us, which enables them to access the core features of the Plustel Platform.

One Bill

We can provide the WLR and CPS or just the CPS if you just want to route call traffic through us. Of course, if the WLR is with us as well we can provide one bill for the line rental and the calls.


CPS is fully automated, so there’s no need for new systems or equipment – we take care of everything. Callers won’t even need to dial a special prefix for their call to be routed via our network.

Readily Available

CPS is available to anyone with a BT line on a wide range of line types, including PSTN, ISDN, Featureline and Featureline Embark.


CPS can be counted on to connect every call. without lagging response times, delays or lapses in call quality. You can count on the clear reception of each call.


Even if your customers are tied in to lengthy line rental contracts, you can still add CPS to the lines to take advantage of lower call costs, normally without any breach of contract.

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