Smart Recording Overview

Staff Development

Call recordings can be used for staff development. Once you know what a good or bad call for your business sounds like, you can use the calls to illustrate this to your staff.

Customer Service

Track how your customers are treated and how their complaints are handled. That information can be used to improve your customer service. Turn unhappy customers into happy ones.

Seasonal Promotions

Is your team promoting your special offers or seasonal promotions to callers on the phone? Call Recording lets you monitor that.

Lead Generation

If your sales team make outbound prospecting calls, you can determine the quality (or lack of it) of the leads they are generating.

Sales Enquiries

If you have a large number of inbound phone enquiries which are not being converted to appointments or sales, Call Recording will help you find out why.

Dispute Resolution

Call recording can be used as an aid to dispute resolution. You can check what was agreed and use the information to resolve the issue.

Smart Recording Benefits

Plustel Call Recording is available across all our products FREE of Charge. There is no costly software to install as it is either enabled or disabled via our online Secure Portal. You can now record calls that run on traditional landlines and our Smart Sim Cards by just having your call traffic with us. Call Recording is now being used by all types of businesses. There are many reasons for using it such as: reducing company vulnerability to lawsuits by maintaining recorded evidence, complying with laws, increasing security, employee training and performance reviews, enhancing employee control and alignment, verifying data, sharing data as well as customer satisfaction and enhancing call center agent morale.

Customer Service

Call Recording allows you to monitor the interactions between your employees and customers. Management can listen to current and past recordings to ensure that staff are providing quality customer service. This enables early detection of any issues, which can then be promptly addressed. When your staff are aware that their calls are being monitored, they are more likely to take proactive steps to improve their performance. Call recordings provide examples of positive and negative customer interactions that can be used in staff training to improve call handling technique. This means that customer satisfaction will naturally increase as a result of calls being recorded and monitored. Furthermore, call recordings can be used to resolve disputes before they escalate, thereby contributing to better customer relations.

Staff training

Call Recording is a valuable staff training aid. Interactions with customers will improve, as a result of staff being led by example. Recorded calls can be used to provide real-life scenarios, as well as positive and negative examples as guidance. Monitoring calls allows management to detect areas that require improvement, and thereby design staff training programmes accordingly. Targeted training is a smart way to improve efficiency and productivity. With calls being constantly recorded and monitored, individual team members can receive ongoing guidance, as and when it is deemed necessary. This reduces the chances of negative performance going undetected, which can lead to customers being dissatisfied and taking their business elsewhere. If your business makes outbound sales calls, the sales technique of your staff can be perfected for maximum revenue-generating results.

Quality Control

Human error can be costly when it comes to order processing. It is fairly common for staff to mistype customer and/or order information. This can result in the wrong products or quantities being shipped to customers, or orders being sent to the incorrect address. These errors can be costly; they result in unnecessary returns, order cancellations, wasted time and resources. Worst of all, they can negatively affect customer relations. Call recording allows a record to be kept of important details provided over the phone. If calls are consistently monitored, errors can be picked up early to reduce the negative consequences.


Call Recordings can be used as evidence in a number of scenarios. They provide proof of verbal agreements, whether for sales or legal purposes. Call recordings can be used to diffuse customer disputes before they escalate, to reduce liability and to confirm certain facts (such as dates, addresses, order information etc). If evidence is ever required, for whatever purpose, then your call recordings could prove to be extremely valuable. If you ever find yourself in a serious dispute and you don’t have any evidence, then the other party could have the upper hand if they do have recordings. Otherwise, it could come down to your word against theirs. Call recording can reduce corporate and personal liability.

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