Smart SIMs Overview

Unique Service

As Plustel are effectively a MVNO we control the traffic that runs via our Smart SIM Cards. This gives us the ability to add Call Recording, Fraud alert Emails, Real Time CDRs and many other features.

Many Markets

Our Smart SIMs give partners the ability to open up new business markets and new revenue streams including B2B and M2M by offering unique smart features.

Smart Services

We include FREE of CHARGE all value added features with our Smart SIM service. This gives our partners a strong market advantage to win new business.

Multiple Numbers

Our Smart Sims are available with multiple mobile numbers which extends the usage possibilities even further.

Fraud Alerts

It's a fact of life that where there's a way, a fraudster will exploit it. We include as part of our service fraud alerts that are triggered when a customisable event happens.

Online Service Setup

Having the ability to provision a service via a user portal is not only more efficient for our partners, but also reduces the chance of human error as less people are involved in the provisioning chain.

Smart SIMs Benefits

Plustel provides a unique Smart SIM service to it's partners which gives many benefits, including new untapped business markets to sell direct into including the M2M arena. Via our online Secure Portal, you are able to control in real-time what specific services are enabled, such as Call Recording, Fraud Alerts etc. We also have extensive 2G/3G/4G global coverage in almost 200 countries over +400 mobile networks.

Main Advantages of Plustel Smart SIM
  • Smart Call Recording
  • Real-Time CDRs
  • User configurable times that SIM Card can be used
  • Data Barring, Call Baring including Premium rate numbers and International destinations
  • Online Sim provisioning and configuration
  • Online configuration to enable Fraud Alerts
  • Multiple mobile numbers can be assigned to Smart SIMs
  • M2M market ready

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