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WLR & CPS Features

WLR & CPS Overview

Plustel have developed a platform that allows Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS). This service gives voice customers an alternative way to route call traffic across our network even if the WLR is not with us.

Enhanced Features

Plustel enhanced features are standard with our WLR & CPS offering such as call-recording, call-barring, and much more besides.

Highly Configurable

We give you the flexibility to define parameters for each individual customer, or to set global parameters, making configuration easy.


The WLR & CPS service is not just an easy service to market, but it is also an easy service to provision and customise through our online Secure Portal.

Online Management

Save time as there's no need to contact us in order to administer your services, you can manage all aspects of our services 24/7.

Competitive Pricing

As long as you are using our services, our value added features such as Call Recording, Fraud Alerts etc are totally free of charge.

Fraud Alerts

It's a fact of life that where there's a way, a fraudster will exploit it. We include as part of our service fraud alerts that are triggered when a customisable event happens.

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