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Smart Recording

Smart Recording Features

Smart Recording Overview

Plustel's Smart Call Recording is available across all our products free of charge. Record calls that run on traditional landlines and our Smart SIM Cards by just having your call traffic with us. Call Recording is now being used by all types of businesses.

Seasonal Promotions

Is your team promoting your special offers or seasonal promotions to callers on the phone? Call Recording lets you monitor that.

Dispute Resolution

Call recording can be used as an aid to dispute resolution. You can establish the facts of the situation, check what was agreed, and use that information to resolve the issue.

Staff Development

Call recordings can be used for staff development. Once you know what a good or bad call for your business sounds like, you can use the calls to illustrate this to your staff.

Lead Generation

If your sales team make outbound prospecting calls, you can determine the quality (or lack of it) of the leads they are generating.

Sales Enquiries

If you have a large number of inbound phone enquiries which are not being converted to appointments or sales, Call Recording will help you find out why.

Customer Service

Track how your customers are treated and how their complaints are handled. That information can be used to improve your customer service. Turn unhappy customers into happy ones.

Smart Recording Applications

Plustel's Smart Recording service is available free of charge across all products and is easy-to-setup. This feature is ideal for Call Centres, Multi-site Businesses, and Remote Working.

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