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IoT / M2M SIMs

M2M SIM Features

M2M SIM Overview

Plustel provides a unique M2M SIM service to partners, enabling benefits such as Smart Call Recording, Real-Time CDRs, Online SIM Provisioning and Configuration, Data and Call Barring, Fraud Alerts, and M2M Market access.

Unique Service

As Plustel are effectively a MVNO we control the traffic that runs via our M2M SIM Cards. This lets us add Call Recording, Fraud alert Emails, Real Time CDRs and many other features.

Multiple Numbers

Our M2M SIMs are available with multiple mobile numbers - use a single mobile instead of shelling out on multiple phones. The usage possibilities are as big as your imagination.

Smart Services

We include FREE of CHARGE all value added features with our M2M SIM service. This gives our partners a strong market advantage to win new business.

Online Service Setup

Having the ability to provision a service via a user portal is not only more efficient for our partners, but also reduces the chance of human error as less people are involved in the provisioning chain.

Many Markets

Our M2M SIMs give partners the ability to open up new business markets and new revenue streams including B2B and M2M by offering unique smart features.

Fraud Alerts

It's a fact of life that where there's a way, a fraudster will exploit it. We include as part of our service fraud alerts that are triggered when a customisable event happens.

24/7 Portal Access

The Plustel portal allows you to easily place SIM orders, and manage every aspect of your M2M SIM Cards. Toggle data usage on the go, and perform advanced SIM operations such as resetting SIM cards, showing SIM locations on the map, and reporting SIM faults.

Industry Sectors

Over a billion IoT devices connected globaly across multiple industries.

Smart Energy
Smart Energy

IoT Technology gives deeper insights into energy consumption, helping entities to use resources more sustainably.

Advanced Farming
Advanced Farming

Increasing quality and yield through crop sensors, weather stations, livestock trackers and agricultural machinery.

Building Automation
Building Automation

IoT simplifies key building functions such as controlling climate, security, elevator usage, maintenance, and more.

Retail Digitisation
Retail Digitisation

Secure M2M solutions for applications in retail such as vending machines, checkout systems, and theft prevention.

Security Technology
Security Technology

IoT SIMs are often used in intrusion detection systems, hazard detection, site monitoring solutions, and more.

Smart Transport
Smart Transport

IoT connectivity provides improved efficiency and security for all methods of goods and personel transportation.

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