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Cloud X

Cloud X Overview

Cloud X phone systems have an array of benefits for businesses of all sizes. Moving a traditional telephone system to the cloud is a cost effective alternative for any business, and maintenance expenses will not be a concern.


Reliability is a key part of any service, thats why we built our network with critical failover points across multiple data centres.

Latest Handsets

If required, Plustel can supply you or your customer with the latest Grandstream and Cisco handsets that are fully configured and ready to use.

Fraud Alerts

It's a fact of life that where there a way, a fraudster will exploit it. We include as part of our service fraud alerts that are triggered when a customisable event happens. This is all done via our portal.

Feature Rich

We include all value added features with our Cloud X service. This gives our partners a strong market advantage to win new business.

Highly Configurable

All Plustel services are configurable through our portal. Whether it is the partner or the end user there is multilevel access so the partner is always in full control.

Online Provisioning

Having the ability to provision a service via a user portal is not only more efficient for our partners, but also reduces the chance of human error, as less people are involved in the provisioning chain.

24/7 Portal Access

Our cloud based user portal is at the core of our business. Its logical design means it is easy to navigate and configure the various products and services that we provide.

Latest IP Handsets

Plustel provide a range of Grandstream IP handsets that are remotely configurable from our portal.


X-PRO is an IP Softphone app for IOS and Android.

Grandstream GRP2612

The GRP2612 is a 2-line carrier-grade IP Voice phone.

Grandstream GRP2613

The GRP2613 is a 3-line carrier-grade IP Voice phone.

Grandstream GRP2614

The GRP2614 is a 4-line carrier-grade IP Voice phone.

Grandstream GRP2615

The GRP2615 is a 10-line carrier-grade IP Voice phone.

Grandstream GRP2616

The GRP2616 is a 6-line carrier-grade IP Voice phone.

Grandstream GRP2670

The GRP2670 is a 12-line professional IP Voice phone.

Grandstream GXV3380

The GXV3380 is a 16-line professional IP Video phone.

Grandstream GBX20

The GBX20 is a backlit LCD extension module.

Grandstream DP722

The DP722 is a Cordless HD DECT Handset.

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