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Indirect Access (IDA)

IDA Features

IDA Overview

Plustel offer an "Indirect Access" connection to their networks. By dialling a four-digit prefix immediately before the number you want to call, the most cost-efficient route is taken so that you save the maximum amount of money.

Value Added Features

Because Plustel has their own switch, we are able to offer Value added Services such as Call Recording, Fraud Alerts, Call Barring and much more.

Online Setup

Provisioning a service via a user portal is not only more efficient for our partners, but also reduces the chance of human error as less people are involved in the provisioning chain.

Many Solutions

There are many industry sectors that IDA is suitable for including temporary workers, home workers and companies that want to take advantage of Call Recording, Fraud Alerts and much more.


All our products and services are highly configurable in the online portal. You can toggle services on or off and set parameters to each of the services that we supply.


IDA is very versatile as end users are able to take advantage of all portal benefits, including cheaper calls, Call Recording, Real-time CDRs etc. while still retaining their existing provider.

Real-Time CDRs

Real Time CDRs means that we are able to provide Fraud Alerts and other useful features, plus we are able to issue a monthly invoice on the 1st of the month, so we are able to pay our partners on or around the 15th of the month.

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