Innovative Portal

We designed our portal from the ground up using over 40 years of telecoms experience. Come and see for yourself.

User Configurable Settings

All aspects of our products can be configured through our portal giving you total control over the services we supply.

Fresh Approach to Coms

We have developed a platform that provides a unique service across traditional lines, SIP and our Smart SIM cards.

Excellent Support

Quality customer service is the heart of our business. Our highly specialised team are trained in every aspect of our business

A smarter way of thinking

Not just another telco service

Most service providers sell value added features with their products such as Call Recording, IVR, Voicemail etc. However, Plustel have developed a platform that now provides the same features accross traditional lines and SIM cards and the best news of all is it's absolutely FREE for just using our service!

Innovative Design

Because we designed and developed our own platform in-house, we are able to bring to market new and innovative services much quicker than traditional providers could. This means you are always one step ahead of the competition to be able to provide your customers with the latest technology.

About Our Company

What People Say About Us

  • “I have never seen such a great quality product. Good luck Plustel and keep the good work up! Now I’m going to rate this product 5 stars. Because it’s awesome”

    Alexander Harris

  • “This Plustel platform is the best I have seen in terms of usability, functionality and layout! I have reinvigorated my customers by providing them new solutions and increased my revenue streams at the same time. Well done Plustel, keep up the good work.”

    Paul Smith

Innovative Portal

Our cloud based user portal is at the core of our business. Its logical design means it is easy to navigate and configure the various products and services that we provide.


Carrier Pre Select is an easy way to route your calls through our switch, without the need to change your line provider. This would then give you access to our FREE of CHARGE features such as Call Recording, Fraud Alerts etc.

Feature Rich

Our hosted PBX and SIP Connections are feature packed and include IVR, Call Recording, Fraud Alerts, Realtime CDR's, Call Routing and many other user configurable settings.


Using Indirect Access is a good way to access the services that we supply FREE of CHARGE such as Call Recording, Fraud Alerts etc. without the need to change your existing provider.

Instant Provisioning

As our new platform has been designed using the latest technology, we use API's to interconnect to our suppliers. This means many services are provisioned in real-time on our platform.

Automatic Failover

Using our portal, you can route each of your Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers to a different failover phone number, allowing a high level of customisation for your customer’s needs.


Virtual private servers are a quick and cost effective way to access your stored files from anywhere in the world. Whether this be your website or any of application that you wish to sit in the cloud.

Dedicated Servers

Renting a dedicated server on a 30 day monthly contract is a fast, secure and easy way to deploy your services. It is also cost effective as you do not need to purchase your own hardware or software.

Domain Registration

Choosing a new domain to register or transferring a domain in to us from another provider is a fast and simple process and can all be done through our innovative control panel.

Web Hosting

Our platform is ideal to host a number of websites. Included With all webspace is a number of free email mailboxes and databases. You can also choose either a windows or a Linux operating system.

Email Hosting

Business grade email is essential for all types of businesses. We have mailboxes for everyone from basic email to Exchange email with features such as spam filtering as standard and up to 50GB of storage.

Handset Provisioning

We supply the latest range of Cisco and Grandstream IP handsets. All handsets that we provide to our partners are fully configured with all the IP details which make installation a very simple process.

Fraud Alerts

Our platform will send automated email alerts when a certain criteria is met. This criterior is configurable via our online Secure Portal.

Realtime CDR's

Access to Call Data Records puts you in control. In order to have a responsive control, you need your CDR's to be as close to real-time as possible. The Plustel platform offers this as standard.

Number Ranges

Choose and control your numbers through our portal and improve your customer experience by attaching Call Management services to your number such as Call Recording, Voice-mail and much more.

Number Porting

Port your numbers across to the Plustel platform to gain a host of new telephony features. Manage features online such as Call Recording, Call Divert, Voicemail and much more.


Plustel offers a free Billing service to all its customers. Invoices are made available via a portal and a monthly email alert is sent to the end user informing them that their latest invoice is available to view.

DD Collection

As our billing platform is so efficient, Plustel offers a Direct Debit collection service to its customers. Our DD's are collected on or around the 10th of the month and paid out on or around the 15th of the month.


Create new line orders, transfers, ceases and apply temporary bars on lines in real time through our portal using WLR3 interface.

Broadband & Leased Lines

We only provide broadband products that have a proven track record for quality and reliability. This ensures you get the best connectivity in the market place today

Latest Routers

We supply a wide range of fully supported quality routers which we configure and deliver to you aur customers premises.